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        關于我們 /About Telesonic


        Hangzhou telesonic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou West Lake science and Technology Park, is a large-scale high-tech enterprises, the company product market share ranks first among similar products, is one of the leaders of the country in the field of automation instrument. Founded in March 2001, the production area of over 1200 square meters, in the same industry regardless of the size of production, quality control, technical support and services are second to none, excellent reputation in the user. The company has a number of patents and all kinds of documents, products through the certification and certification of intrinsically safe explosion-proof grade, is the only one in Hangzhou with ultrasonic level meter measurement equipment manufacturing license of the enterprise. Has formed the ultrasonic level gauge, explosion-proof ultrasonic level meter, flowmeter, level gauge, mud meter, radar level meter, electromagnetic flowmeter, Parshall flume pressure transmitter and hydrostatic level meter, GPRS data monitoring system and a series of products, welcome customers to inquire, welcome to visit.




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